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I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. It’s not just the Japanese gay men that draw me to Asia, but the chance to experience a completely new culture. I heard that Japan was about as different from the US as you could get, and everything was about being polite and keeping up appearances. I was promised that everyone would have brilliant manners, and I’d also heard a few things about the Japanese gay scene that I was interested to experience. Basically, I wanted to broaden my horizons, and when I got a chance to, I booked myself an economy ticket to Narita airport in Tokyo.

Even before I left, I tried to learn a little Japanese, or what I thought was enough to get by. Their written kanji is completely indecipherable to me, but I thought that knowing ‘Hello’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ might be a good enough start to endear me to any Japanese men that caught my eye. Hopefully, I thought that they would find it endearing and take me under their wing to show me the basics of gay life in Japan. Unfortunately, the biggest problem I had was the language banner, so I was really relieved when after a couple of days I found a guy staying in my hotel who was Japanese and spoke almost perfect English.

I had my immediate suspicions about Hideyuki’s sexual preferences, but I didn’t want to offend him by making a move on him if he was just enthusiastic about practicing his English on a real life American. It turned out that he was from the countryside in somewhere called Hokkaido, and I was correct to suspect his over-enthusiasm about finding a hot American to talk to because he was in Tokyo for exactly the same reason as I was – to find attractive Japanese gay men!

The biggest problem, Hideyuki taught me, with finding Japanese gay men was that most men who were homosexual weren’t keen on flaunting it about. I didn’t quite understand how social decency worked in Japan. On the trains I occasionally saw adult business men reading pornographic magazines as if it was War and Peace, but there seemed to be really complicated courteous ways of going about everything. If you were too obvious or blunt when you asked someone out, for example, they might be offended. Hideyuki tried to teach me how it worked, but I felt it was hopeless to try to understand Japanese men. He knew that it was all about subtle signals, so I just followed his lead and let him do all the talking.

The first of the Japanese men who I approached was one that Hideyuki had already spoken to so he promised that he was interested. We were in a tiny bar that was apparently filled with gay patrons, but it looked just the same as any other bar. I kind of appreciated the way that a gay bar in Japan didn’t mean that everyone had to wear leather and dance to techno or anything stupid like in some countries – it could just be a normal little bar where Japanese gay men hung out together and socialized. I caught on fast that it was really hard to penetrate the gay social scene in Japan, but much easier once you knew where to go and who to speak to.

Anyway, this guy that Hideyuki had found for me could have been any businessman – he was still wearing his suit and looked a little bit nervous when he approached. His English wasn’t brilliant, but it was enough to get buy on, and I was eager to follow him when he suggested that we leave together. I found him kind of pretty – he had big eyes and was shorter than me, and his movements were very graceful and delicate. When I touched him I felt like he might break.

Did you know that Japanese men are getting rid of their swim shorts and switching to the sexy mens swimwear the European men wear. This season bikinis, thongs and g-strings have all been top sellers. There is even a trend for men to wear sheer and semi sheer swimwear. Very hot! Why should the girls have allthe fun.

Together we headed for a ‘love hotel’, which was honestly the weirdest experience of my life. It was a nice enough place, with an odd little pink neon sign, but I noticed that all the cars in the parking lot had little wooden boards placed over their license plates. My new friend, Jun, told me that apparently it’s to make sure nobody recognizes your car and knows that you’re in there. The room could be rented it by the hour which made me feel a little pressurized to perform in a time limit, so I decided that renting a room for the night was probably easiest.

It was strange – there was the honesty of having an entire hotel solely for the purpose of people having sex in secret, but then everyone went to such great lengths not to let anyone know what they were up to. If there were so many men who were having sex in these love hotels, why didn’t they feel comfortable enough to bring their private life into their public one?

Jun was awesome in bed – much better than I ever expected given how quiet and nervous he was to start with, but I was starting to wonder if that was just an act so that he lived up to what I expected of him. We used the pack of condoms that the love hotel was careful to provide (and the tube of lube, since apparently this place thought of everything) and I had a great night – I didn’t get any sleep so it was worth hiring the room for the whole night! I had already spent nearly two weeks trying to get involved I the lives of Japanese gay men, so it was nice to relieve the pent up frustration I’d felt since we started.

Surprisingly, I found that Jun and I had something in common. Other than enjoying hot sweaty sex and Japanese gay men obviously. He didn’t mention it, but under his suit he was wearing a type of underwear that I recognized. Technically, it wasn’t underwear at all, but a micro swimsuit. It had a thong back and a really striking minimalist front in silver Lycra, which made it obvious that he’d shaved his pubic region. The next day I found it on Koala Swim, it’s called the Work That Cock Bikini and it’s one of the newest range of micro swimwear from their designer. I knew that I would be able to recognize a Koala Swim design when I saw one, so I arranged another meeting with Jun in a couple of days, and subtly hinted that I liked his underwear. Just in case he didn’t take the hint, I decided to take my own micro swimwear to surprise him with!

When Hideyuki and I were walking down a Shinjuku street, I stopped in at a shop to get some water and casually began browsing the magazines there. The last thing that I expected to find were a couple of magazines that were cartoons of gay men together. Hideyuki explained that there were called Boys Love manga, and that he read them a lot. Apparently they’re mostly written for women (I must have missed the memo that apparently women find the idea of two men together really hot) so the storylines aren’t particularly realistic, but once I knew what to look for, these boys love stories are everywhere! I couldn’t believe how big the market was for comics about spandex men, and after a while I started to see men on trains reading them, as well as women.

Admittedly, I had to make sure that I bought a few before I left Japan. Some of them were pretty good – I didn’t like the ones were the men were so feminine that it might as well have been a lesbian story, but a few of the others had a decent story. I was more excited about my last meeting with Jun before I left though. We met at the same love hotel as before, and this time there was something about his attitude that told me that he was excited that I liked micro swimwear as much as he did. Either he was obvious about it or I was getting better at recognizing the signals of  gay men!

It wasn’t exactly a teary farewell – we spent most of the night locked together or making the most of the micro swimwear – but as I boarded the train the next afternoon, exhausted but satisfied, I knew that I would miss Jun. He was actually much more confident than any partner I’d had before once we were in private, and there was something very refreshing about his manners and the way that he kept his sexual preferences away from his public life. I know that Japanese families traditionally put a lot of emphasis on marrying the right person, so I couldn’t help wondering what would happen to Jun, and whether he would ever settle down with Japanese gay men or be forced to marry a woman.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Japan, although I’m not sure how much of the Japanese men’s society I actually witnessed. Hideyuki had travelled half way across the country to get away from the quiet town he was born in and find someone else like him, so it’s a hard social scene to penetrate, let alone for a foreigner!

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Japanese Gay Men

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